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Peru and Guatemala coaching coursesOn the 13th and 14th July, the first FITB C level coaching course was held in Peru in the capital city of Lima. The course was conducted by the Brazilian FITB coach Archimedes de Moura Junior who was very optimistic regarding the development and future of tchoukball among the Peruvians.

Laos coaching courseChris Huang, Former FITB President from 2009-2017 visited Mongolia and Laos this April to run FITB C coaching courses. The C level courses are designed for new countries to have groups of people capable of teaching tchoukball to others. Chris was approached during the Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Federation General Assembly and was only too happy to assist these new countries in the development of tchoukball.

Portugal coaching courseOn the 13th of December, 2018, the first FITB C coach course was held in Portugal, at the secondary school Dr Ginestal Machado, in the city of Santarém. The course was conducted by the FITB Director of International Development Julio Calegari and participants from different regions of the country took part.

Hosts announcedThe World Tchoukball Championships and World Youth Tchoukball Championships winning bids have been announced today following a decision from the FITB Executive Committee. Malaysia will host the senior event with Singapore hosting the youth event. The FITB Executive Committee was impressed with the level of detail from both winning federations and made the decision at the conclusion of the European Tchoukball Championships in Castellanza, Italy last week.

Iceland - a year onIn 2017, FITB Vice President Chiara Volonté has been invited to introduce Tchoukball in Iceland. She travelled to Reykjavìk and then to Reydarfjordur, East-Iceland where she gave a refresher course to the local PE Teachers. She got a lot of interest from them and 2 PE teachers passed the test getting the C coach Licence. Anna Skrodzka-Peta and Thelma Snorrdottier became the very first Icelandic C coaches. It was also a great opportunity for kids from Grunnskòlì to experience tchoukball for the first time.

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