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Italy 2018 DetailsThe FITB is delighted to confirm that the 2018 FITB European Tchoukball Championships (ETC2018) and 2018 FITB European Youth Tchoukball Championships (EYTC2018) will be held in Italy, close to Milan. We will work with Tchoukball Italia to develop a comprehensive information document over the next few weeks and months. Proposed dates for the competitions are the last week of July for the EYTC and the first week of August for the ETC. Each competition is typically 3-4 days long.

Ivory Coast and GhanaOn the 5th September, the Director of International Development, Julio Calegari, travelled to Abidjan in the Ivory Coast to conduct a level C coaching course and a one full day training session of the first national squad. The coaching course and training were held in the city of Grand Bassam and 15 athletes and PE teachers participated. On to Ghana where they spend the night before taking part on 09 September in the first friendly match between the two nations.

Pictured from left to right: Jeff ANG, Elvira JAMELO, HUANG Chun-Hua, FANG Shez-Szu, Silvia GHIORZO, Julio CALEGARI, Chiara VOLONTÉ, Tino SIU, Richard JACKSONNew FITB President Fang Shen-Szu presented his Executive Committee at the General Assembly in Taiwan last week and released further details yesterday about their roles and duties. The Executive Committee reports directly to the President and is the highest authority in tchoukball apart from the President himself. The new committee consists of 8 nationalities from 3 continents with 3 of the 8 posts occupied by women.

Republic of China win World Beach Tchoukball ChampionshipsThe Republic of China won the World Beach Tchoukball Championships in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Both sides were dominant throughout the group stages and in both cases, triumphed over Singapore in the final. The world number 2 in both categories, Singapore, played with great heart but eventually, the Republic of China proved too strong for them through a combination of low hard shooting and top quality switching between shooters.

Argentina vs Singapore in the women's semi-finalThe group stages of the World Beach Championships finished this evening with the Republic of China and Singapore winning their groups in the men's and women's categories. Both sides were dominant throughout and going into the semi-finals, Republic of China faced Hong Kong with Singapore facing Argentina in the women's competition.

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