Chris Huang: 2009-2017

Chris Huang: 2009-2017

Chin-Cheng "Chris" Huang was elected President at the 2009 FITB General Assembly. For years, Chris had worked alongside Daniel Buschbeck, the former President and played a huge role in getting tchoukball into the World Games in 2009 in Taiwan as a demonstration sport. Chris was seen as a perfect successor to Daniel based on his efforts and his popularity across the world as a leading figure in tchoukball.

Always passionate and devoted to tchoukball, Chris lead the FITB from the front and alongside Julio Calegari, the Director of International Development, brought tchoukball to countries that had never experienced it. Chris and Julio worked with an incredible 45 countries during the presidency from New Zealand to Haiti. The membership of the FITB expanded from a solid core group of 15-20 countries in 3 continents to over 40 members from 4 continents. Chris's support for the development of tchoukball in Africa led countries from Kenya to Benin to develop tchoukball and run FITB coaching courses.

Chris expanded the Executive Committee with new members from Europe, the Americas and Asia and put a major emphasis on the use of social media to spread the news about tchoukball across the world. A comprehensive competitions resource was developed listing all players, teams and competitions in the history of the FITB to engage fans and players.

FITB competitions were held in Africa for the first time, and by the end of Chris's presidency, the world level competitions had expanded from 6-8 teams through to 12-16 teams.

Chris's legacy is the huge growth of tchoukball in terms of development and competition and his passion for tchoukball which shone through his style of leadership and his unending work for the sport.

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