FITB Competitions: 2000-2004

Below are the competitions run by the FITB between 2000-2004. Competitions are ordered by the most recent year then by the highest level to the lowest. Links are available to each individual competition.

Tchoukball had faced a tough decade in the 1990s with international competitions being cancelled and many athletes retiring from the sport. Daniel Buschbeck and Michel Favre of Switzerland worked together to create the World Championships in Geneva, Switzerland to bring together tchoukball players from across the world. The biggest and most diverse competition ever at the time, it rejuvenated tchoukball and birthed a new era for the sport, leading to the creation of continental federations and the development of tchoukball worldwide.

2004 World Championships

World Championships, Chinese Taipei

2003 Continental Championships

Asia-Pacific, India

in 64

Men | Women

European, Italy

it 64

Men | Women

2002 World Championships

World Championships, United Kingdom

2001 Invitational Competitions / Friendlies

European Nations Cup, Switzerland

2000 World Championships

World Championships, Switzerland