Discover Tchoukball

Discover Tchoukball

Tchoukball is one of the fastest team sports in the world today. Invented in the late 1960s, tchoukball is a team sport of 7 players that unites all key sporting skills; athleticism, concentration, respect for oneself and the opposition and teamwork.  Here are our key values below to explain more.


Without physical contact between players or interception of the ball, tchoukball players are free to express themselves whilst playing in any way permitted by the rules. At a higher level, tchoukball is a very intense, extremely fast and skillful sport allowing individuals to express themselves as part of a team. The technical demands of tchoukball appeal to players who strive for the beauty of play.  Tchoukball games often see a point scored every 20-30 seconds!


Tchoukball was designed to be played in most situations and sporting arenas.  Our standard version is played indoors in sports halls.  However, tchoukball is entirely adaptable to the location.  Beach tchoukball has flourished in the last 10 years and is now a major part of the FITB's work.  But it doesn't stop there - tchoukball is played outdoors in many countries and can be adapted to be played in a swimming pool!  We've also recently introduced wheelchair tchoukball and have started work with visually impaired athletes to expand tchoukball further.


Tchoukball is a genuine team sport. It is also totally unique. Beginners will never have played anything like tchoukball, not have experienced the diversity of demands it makes upon players. Tchoukball demands real teamwork as points are scored when the ball is distributed most effectively.  Our players come in all shapes and sizes and the level of skill determines a player's success, not their strength. Good observation, constant attention by all participants, anticipation and intelligence of all facets of the game are required, as is good athletic ability.

Fair play:

Dr Hermann Brandt, the creator of tchoukball, wrote:

"The objective of human physical activities is not to make champions, but make a contribution to building a harmonious society."

Tchoukball has a unique Charter that underpins the 'Spirit of the Game' so elusive in modern sport. Fair play and respect for the opposition is a fundamental part of the way in which tchoukball is played. All physical contact between players and interceptions are banned, enabling all players of differing shapes and sizes to play together.

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