Daniel Buschbeck: 2002-2009

Daniel Buschbeck: 2002-2009

Daniel Buschbeck was elected President at the FITB General Assembly in 2002 in the United Kingdom. Daniel was involved heavily in the organisation of the Geneva World Championships in 2000 and had established the European Cup of 2001. Daniel's time as President oversaw a huge expansion of tchoukball, professionalising the organisation and delivery of the sport.

In his time as President, the FITB admitted members from Europe, Asia, North America and South America and brought tchoukball to Africa. Daniel standardised the rules for tchoukball equipment, working with Michel Thomann, his Head of the Technical Commission to create standards for tchoukball frames and balls with international suppliers. Daniel brought a style and intensity to the presidency that energised tchoukball across the world. He appointed an Executive Committee to serve under him that included representatives from the UK, Taiwan, Brazil and Switzerland. The FITB established a firm internet presence with its first official web site and created a competitions database that is the basis of the current one in place today.

Daniel engaged leaders in tchoukball from around the world and begun the process of standardising regional variations in the rules to a consistent standard. He made contact with the International World Games Association now known as SportAccord and together with future President Chris Huang, achieved tchoukball's appearance as a demonstration sport in the World Games of 2009 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This remains tchoukball's biggest exposure to date.

Daniel's legacy is his huge achievements in developing tchoukball and the professionalisation of the sport.

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