Fang Shen-Szu: 2017-2021

Fang Shen-Szu: 2017-2021

In 2017, Fang Shen-Szu was elected President of the FITB. President Fang was the General Secretary of the FITB during the presidency of Chris Huang from 2009-2017. Known as "Coach Fang" throughout the world, he was instrumental in raising coaching standards not only in his native Taiwan but across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Fang coached the Chinese Taipei men's team taking them from the losing finalists of the 2004 World Tchoukball Championships in Taiwan to unassailable world champions from 2009 to the current day.

However, it was Coach Fang's willingness to share his practices and raise the standards of tchoukball in other countries that endeared him to players and coaches across the world. Many successful tchoukball nations such as Italy and Germany owe some of their achievements to his efforts coaching the national sides. Fang became the world's first "A" standard FITB coach and shaped the modern 7-a-side game is played. Fang also accepted invitations to coach in China, Malaysia, the Phillippines and others bringing the sport to a new group of Asian nations who have since excelled.

President Fang also oversaw the FITB's homologation programme, ensuring that technical requirements for tchoukballs and tchoukball frames was kept to the highest standard. The FITB World Tchoukball Championships in Nilai, Malaysia in 2019 saw pre-qualification to the competition introduced for the first time in the men's championship and was the largest World Championships ever held for men and women.

Extremely focused but yet highly approachable, warm and friendly to all participants, officials and coaches in all nations, President Fang ensured that National and Continental Federations had the tools and resources to keep operating through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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