FITB President runs tchoukball seminar in Chile

FITB President runs tchoukball seminar in Chile

FITB President Chris Huang went to Chile to introduce tchoukball to 8 key people in the South American country.

Despite a national teachers' strike which impacted attendance, the teachers came to learn and enjoy tchoukball just in a training session.

Chris also introduced the Taiwan ambassador and Taiwan Business Association President to meet Chile tchoukball staff. Meetings were held to discuss the future of tchoukball in Chile.

The Taiwan Business Association President promised to support Chile tchoukball with 10,000 USD. Using accredited Taiwanese suppliers, arrangements were made to speedily ship frames, balls, and kneepads to Chile, providing all the country needs to begin developing tchoukball. The rest of the money is to support the first Chilean national tchoukball championships.

The Chile Tchoukball Federation was also set up during the visit and delegates joined Chris for a thanksgiving dinner wishing each other the best for tchoukball in Chile!

Chris took the time to discuss with the Chilean members and asked them why they had supported this event so strongly.

The response was that Chile was extremely impressed with how the FITB President had personally committed to taking the flight more than 24 hours from Taiwan to Chile, twice in 1 year. They consider Chris is a very active President and also acknowledged the efforts of the Chilean delegation - the main staff came to the capital to take the night bus for 7 hours to find support. He thinks they are active and he wants to help active people. Also, he wants to help tchoukball because he saw the video that Taiwan is No. 1 in the world and shows Taiwan can help.

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